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Includes 1 x Blush Pink Silk Pillowcase in our Manuka Dreams White Reusable Gift Bag.


We have been able to source the highest quality, 22-Momme (Grade 6A) 100% pure Mulberry silk. Not all silk is the same grade, & our silk pillowcases are the perfect density & weight to properly restore your skin & hair. There are also 18+ natural amino acids with nutrient rich properties in our silk, which are the building blocks for protein in your skin. Pure silk is known for its effectiveness in both the prevention of ageing, as well as being a natural skin-moisturising agent.

The amino acids in our silk pillowcases rejuvenate skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and hydrate skin tissues. They are also an important hair care ingredient, as our silk protein is known to penetrate hair to treat damage and preserve moisture. Making sure you wake up with a good hair & skin day, every day!


- Our high quality silk absorbs significantly less moisture from your skin (especially compared to a normal cotton pillowcase) which results in more hydration while you get your beauty sleep. This assists in reducing fine lines/wrinkles and morning face creases by retaining your skin's moisture and creating less friction.

- Anti-static protecting your hair while you sleep. Encourages healthy hair growth, keeps your scalp hydrated as well as being gentle on your hair. Wake up with less knots, split ends, tangles and frizz in the morning.

- Calming for sensitive skin as our high grade silk is breathable, antibacterial and hypo-allergenic, as well as soothing and calming for eczema, dry or irritated skin. Also assists with regulating your temperature keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Standard pillowcase dimensions: 51cm H x 76cm L (Fits a large standard size pillow)

Care Instructions:

Machine or hand wash. Delicate cycle with a gentle detergent (ie. Ecostore) Cool/warm temperature of max. 30 Degrees Celsius.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Judy McKinley
Love my silk pillowcase

The thing I love most about the silk is that I don’t wake up with frizzy wild hair in the mornings anymore. The silk actually keeps my hair silky & smooth. So I splashed out & bought a second pillowcase. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

So durable

I just wanted to say I can’t believe how durable my silk pillowcase is - I wash it in the machine on a gentle cycle (as I don’t often have time to hand wash!) & it comes up like new every time. The quality is the best I’ve ever seen.

Emma S
So worth it

The best decision I have made - I finally got one of the silk pillowcases and it is so worth it! It makes my hair and skin feel so much softer & hydrated. I also get eczema & some acne - the silk is so soothing at night and anti inflammatory. The best!

Way less tangles in the morning for my little girl!

I previously ordered a pillowcase for myself and loved it so I ordered one for my wavy hair daughter (she had previously been using a silk pillowcase from amazon). She's only had her Manuka silk pillowcase 1 week and I've noticed such a difference! She has less frizz and tangles which makes our morning doing her hair so much easier. Manuka Dreams silk is clearly the real deal!

Really impressed with Manuka Dreams silk

I'm obsessed with my Manuka Dreams silk pillowcase it feels so luxuriously soft on my skin! After using the Manuka Lavendar spray a couple times my husband has now demanded he gets misted at night also.... so needless to say I am very happy with my purchase (and so is my husband!!!)